Dragana Malidžan Vinkić


Dragana Malidžan Vinkić, Project Manager at EdTech Center Western Balkans, Serbia

Dragana, Project Manager at EdTech Center Western Balkans since 2022, specializes in digital education. She has experience in promoting digital education and inclusion in Serbia and the region.

In her previous role as Education Coordinator in the Government of Serbia (2016-2021), Dragana worked on inclusive education and collaborated with various organizations to design policy programs. She also supported the implementation of assistive technology and digital inclusion solutions.

As an Associate for Inclusive Education at the Ministry of Education (2015-2016), Dragana facilitated social inclusion policies, particularly in digital inclusion and continuous educational improvement.

In addition, Dragana has actively contributed to the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education (2018-2021) as the National Coordinator for Serbia, driving project coordination and increasing the visibility of EASNIE’s work.

She combines her digital expertise with a commitment to inclusive education, staying updated with the latest advancements.