1. Visiting the webpage edtechtalents.eu of Tallinn University

1.1. TLU uses cookies on its webpage edtechtalents.eu. Cookies are small files that are downloaded
in the user’s device by the websites that the user visits. The aim of using cookies is to
distinguish the user from other persons visiting the webpage and to make the webpage more
convenient to use through the received information. With the help of cookies, information
regarding the IP of the user, type and version of their web browser, time and duration of
the visit to the webpage, preferences and interests of the user, etc. is saved.

1.2. Cookies used on TLU’s webpage edtechtalents.eu:

1.2.1. Technical and functional cookies – enable the users to use the webpage and to make
it more comfortable to use;

1.2.2. Analytical cookies (Google Analytics) – help us to keep statistics on the usability of
and number of visits to the webpage, and to analyse the visitors’ behaviour on the
page. TLU uses the information obtained for the purpose of improving and
complementing the services of its webpage;

1.2.3. Third persons’ cookies. The university uses cookies created by third persons mostly
for displaying advertisements, marketing and keeping statistics on the number of
visits to the webpage;

1.2.4. Authentication cookies that the webpage uses for checking the identity of the user
who has logged in.

1.3. If you do not wish that cookies will be saved in your computer, you may block these in the
settings of your web browser.

1.4. Please note that visiting TLU’s webpage is possible also while the use of cookies is
forbidden, but certain services or certain parts of the webpage may still not function as
expected. The refusal to use cookies may limit the possibilities of using the TLU webpage.

1.5. Also, please note that TLU webpage contains links to other webpages and TLU is neither
responsible for sharing data on other webpages nor for the privacy policy of other