Tim Scholze


PhD Tim Scholze, Scientific Officer at University Duisburg Essen, founder of blinc eG, Germany.

Tim Scholze has a long term record in Research and Development at the interface of business and academia.

He has designed and coordinated a large number of projects in different educational sectors and in the fields of sustainable, climate friendly development and circular economy.

Originally coming from soil science and irrigation engineering he moved into environmental education and developed large scale national projects in waste management, remediation and renaturation of polluted soils and sites. While developing R&D and educational programmes in European Hospitals and social agencies on environmental and total quality management and regional capacity building projects he gained extensive expertise in both the health and social sector.

Since 1997 Tim has designed and managed more than 100 transnational European projects, mainly inthe field of innovative, cross-sectoral and participative learning and development.
Most of these projects dealt with competenceoriented learning, validation of key competences and regional capacity building; partly with a focus on projects related to sustainable development and climate change.

Tim holds a PhD in educational sciences from the University of Göttingen which he received in connection with a project on competence validation in informal learning.

In 2005 he founded the blended learning institutions’ cooperative (blinc eG) and in 2017 the REVEAL association as European umbrella organisations of institutions and experts from practice and sciencefrom 27 EU members states working on competence-oriented learning and validation.

He is co-founder of the PROGRASS network for the sustainable utilisation of unused biomasses which supports regional and interregional initiatives to enter a circular carbon economy with an Integrated Biomass and Carbon Management.

From 2014-2018 he worked scientific officer in a research and development project at the German Institute for Adult Education (www.die-bonn.de) which aims at developing an interactive, open learning space for the large community of adult educators in Germany.

Since 2018 on he has been working part time in blinc in Göttingen and as scientific officer at the University Duisburg-Essen in the fields of VET, AE and CPD. Currently, he is teaching at the University of Duisburg Essen of the module “International Adult Education” with a focus on Validation of informal and non-formal learning, innovative blended learning and entrepreneurship education and Educational Technologies.