Sebastian Schwäbe


Sebastian Schwäbe, European Project Manager, blinc eG, Germany

Sebastian Schwäbe has been working as a project manager at blinc eG (blended learning institutions’ cooperative) for more than five years. His main focus is on blended learning projects in the field of CSR and sustainable development as well as digital education in European projects (Erasmus+, Interreg and AMIF).

After studying Ancient Cultures, Computer Science and Economics at the University of Göttingen, he also trained as a certified project manager.

Within the European project, he mainly focused on the development of new approaches in the field sustainable development (e.g., the SDG Explorer App) and the implementation of learning management systems as well as their content elaboration in different educational areas.

A key element of his activities is the implementation of the LEVEL5 approach, a taxonomic system for competence-based learning and validation, which was developed by blinc eG in 2005 and has been used in more than 40 different European projects.