Matti Juhani Rossi


PhD Matti Juhani Rossi, Developer of International Educational Services at Tallinn University, Estonia.

Matti Rossi has two decades of experience in shaping education systems both in Finland and globally. He played a vital role in creating the Global Knowledge Index (GKI) in collaboration with the UNDP Global Knowledge Programme. Matti’s contributions to education extend to Romania, where he evaluated a teacher-training program as part of the ‘Education Finland’ initiative associated with the Finnish National Agency for Education. Recently, he worked as an academic vice-principal in an international school in Ethiopia.

In Finland, Matti’s roles included development and product management in educational companies, and later he held a similar role in an EdTech company in Estonia. He directed learning at the Finnish Science Centre, Heureka and conducted the Science Circus outreach program. He actively participated in curriculum development projects and supported STEM education initiatives, working closely with teachers, students, and education specialists. Matti’s expertise also encompasses designing learning environments, with STEM classrooms in over 100 schools in Finland and China.

Currently, Matti Rossi is dedicated to international education programs and fostering collaborations with EdTech companies and academics at Tallinn University in Estonia. With a PhD in geoscience and a research background, Matti’s career spans several countries, embodying his commitment to modernizing and enhancing STEM research and education worldwide.