Maire Tuul


PhD Maire Tuul is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in the School of Educational Sciences, Tallinn University, Estonia.

Maire Tuul has worked in the field of early childhood education as a teacher, head teacher, lecturer and associate professor for a total of more than 30 years. Her main research areas are STEAM-education, curriculum development and different pedagogical approaches in ECE. She has participated in more than 30 national or international projects, has been head of curricula of early childhood education (BA and MA) at Tallinn University and is a member of European Early Childhood Education Research Association and Association for Childhood Education International. 

Service idea

Challenge: In recent years, collaboration between technology companies and researchers has become a significant aim both in Estonia and across Europe. While researchers recognize the benefits of such collaboration, many appear to lack an understanding of how to effectively showcase their competencies and potential services to companies. Offering their services to technology firms is often an entirely new challenge for educational researchers, and due to a lack of knowledge and necessary support systems in the field, this opportunity may remain unrealized.

Solution: To map the expertise and cooperation possibilities of educational scientists in the field of Early Childhood Education at Tallinn University, to collaborate with colleagues to create and document the services being offered to EdTech companies, and to find a solution for making relevant information visible and easily accessible to EdTech companies.