Madis Saluveer


PhD Madis Saluveer, Research Funding Consultant, School of Educational Sciences, Tallinn University, Estonia.

Madis Saluveer has three decades of experience in project funding and management, starting with OSI/Soros Foundation projects in 1990s. 2001 -2006 he was Head, Development Office, University of Tartu, Estonia; 2006-2012 Head, Administration Unit, Estonian Research Council and 2012 -2018 Head of Deaprtment of Research Funding and Funding Officer (Culture and Society), Estonian Research Council. From 2018 to 2022 Madis was Head of R&D Department  at Tallinn University.

He was Team leader of the EU financed project ” Creating an effective model of science administration: review of EU best practices and elaboration of policy recommendations with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Georgia” at Archimedes Foundation, Estonia, 2006-2007; and NATO country co-director, NATO Advanced Training Course    ” S&T Policy of Georgia as an Instrument to Facilitate the Country Security”, Republic of Georgia, 2007-2008.