Luis Peña Sánchez


PhD Luis Peña is CEO and co-founder of Lurtis Rules, Spain. He has a PhD in Computer Science applied to AI for videogames and interactive environments.

He is Ex Dean of Digital Technology Department (ESNE), and previously was Academic Director of the Madrid Business Intelligence School (MBIT) and lecturer at the Technology and Digital Art University (U-TAD) and the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).
He has been working in Artificial Intelligence applied to digital industry contents and he has been Coordinator of the Engineering Area of the U-TAD specialized in digital entertainment contents. 
His main activities are the coordination of technical proposals in AI and Visual Interactive environments. 
He helps in the creation of industrial-academic coordinated projects for R&D transfer between academy and society. He is also currently teaching AI for videogames in UDIT (former ESNE) Design and Videogame Development grade. 
His research interests are the synthetic emotional models and learning capabilities in virtual characters.