Kristjan Kask


Kristjan Kask PhD is an associate professor of legal psychology in the School of Natural Sciences and Health, Tallinn University, Estonia.

He received his PhD from University of Leicester (UK) in 2008. His research interest is in investigative interviewing and eyewitness identification. He teaches courses in legal psychology and also conducts adult trainings in investigative interviewing of child and adult victims and witnesses to judges, prosecutors, investigators and lawyers.

Product idea


In investigative interviewing of witnesses, the interviewers still ask quite often questions that will decrease the accuracy of the information.


My research team has created a web-based software called Adult Witness Avatar (AWA) using which the interviewers can train with feedback how to interview adult witnesses using avatars.

In this project I aim to develop in addition to that software a board game or a web-based solution to promote science-based investigative interviewing skills among practitioners, students and also the public.