Kaja Mädamürk


Kaja Mädamürk is a Senior Researcher in School Psychology in the School of Natural Sciences and Health, Tallinn University, Estonia.

She received her PhD in 2018 in psychology from Tallinn University and after that worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki in the educational psychology research group.

Her research interests cover educational psychology, more specifically the development of general competencies, e.g., math, learning to learn, self-determination, and entrepreneurship competencies. She is currently leading a project at Tallinn University investigating how to develop math competence in middle school and support students in applying math outside of the classroom.

Service idea

Problem: Students struggle to understand how abstract math problems are useful for them outside of their math classes and teachers do not have enough resources to support students’ motivation to use more math in their everyday lives.

Solution: To create evidence-based math learning and teaching tools that can help to bring learners’ attention to various mathematical aspects in their surroundings and as well as motivate them to actively search for possible uses for their math skills.