Jens-Michael Lohse


Jens-Michael Lohse is software developer for the blinc eG / BUPNET group, Germany.

During his studies in physics at the University of Hamburg and at the University of Göttingen he started to work for the ERG (Elektro Röhren Gesellschaft) in Göttingen at the measuring laboatory.

After his studies he continued to work for ERG as quality engineer with focus on software / measuring station development and complaints management.

Since 2012 he works with blinc eG and/or its partner organisations BUPNET/Q21 as software developer. He worked amongst others on the LEVEL5 validation software, the Badgesmobileapp (in cooperation with the CNR Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche Palermo) and the Goe-West app.