Gerli Veeleid


Gerli Veeleid is Community development manager at EdTech Estonia.

Gerli is a passionate entrepreneur and educational professional with more than 10 years of experience in Education.

During her past 5 years, she has especially focused on expanding the entrepreneurial knowledge in Harjumaa Education System by teaching Economics and Business in high schools from the practical perspective and developing a successful Student-Company Program and an Internship Program for High School students. Gerli has been a key person to build the collaboration across Companies- Educational Institutions and local municipalities in Harju County and leading necessary discussions for projects in order to support young people in building their future careers.

In addition, Gerli also contributes directly to education by being a Business and Economy teacher and lecturer, while also providing personal mentorship for Student Companies, Startups, and NGOs.

She is an Intrapreneurial person who truly believes that moving forward with inner motivation can move mountains, but to find that motivation there is a need for an individual approach.

Gerli is a true people’s person. As a Community Development Manager, her focus is to take care of the needs of the community and its every member- from building trustful connections to an actual change and impact. There is a solution for everything!