Eva-Maria Infanger


Mag. Eva-Maria Infanger, MatheArena GmbH, Linz School of Education, Johannes Kepler University, Professor of Mathematics and Theology, Linz, Austria.

Eva-Maria is co-founder of MatheArena, a company she co-developed from its start.

After completing her studies in mathematics and theology she worked several years as a teacher in Ried im Innkreis. 2021 Eva-Maria started her Ph.D. at Linz School of Education. She is researching in the field of adaptive learning in the STEM fields.

Besides the regular work Eva-Maria started working on a learning app for mathematics in 2014 in her spare time. After reaching more than 40,000 downloads with the app she founded the MatheArena GmbH together with her partner Gerald. Together with her team she is accompanying learners in german speaking countries and further. One big project is the partnership with Austria’s biggest school book publisher.

Starting in September 2023 at least 25% of Austria’s students will get access to the MatheArena together with the school book over the next years. At the moment, they are translating their app into more languages with the aim of helping more people in mathematics and promoting better educational equity.