EdTech Talents First Matchmaking Event

On May 19th, 2023, the EdTech Talents Matchmaking event marked a significant collaboration in the field of educational technology.

Hosted via Zoom from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (CET), this event aimed to bridge educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and regions.



The event’s primary purpose was to create a space for meaningful engagement and knowledge exchange among participants. Consortium partners were extended an invitation, urging at least two representatives from each partner to participate actively.

This participation would foster a sense of collective effort and shared goals.

Distinguished attendees included three researchers from Tallinn University in Estonia and University of Novi Sad in Serbia.

These researchers were slated to embark on secondments in the forthcoming fall season, collaborating closely with EdTech partners in Germany, Austria, and Spain.

This strategic initiative aimed to facilitate cross-border learning and the development of knowledge services.

Notably, representatives from prominent academic institutions like Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain), Johannes Kepler Linz University (Austria), and Bielefeld University (Germany) were also expected.

Their role involved providing expertise and guidance to companies during the fall season.

The presence of key figures from EdTech companies was a highlight of the event.

Contact persons from Spain’s Lurtis Rules, Austria’s Mathe Arena, and Germany’s Blinc were identified.

Their engagement was vital, as they would play a direct role in welcoming researchers for collaborations in the upcoming fall season.

Similarly, representatives from Estonian, Hungarian, and Serbian EdTech companies were present to facilitate local collaborations and partnerships.

Obuda University from Hungary had a significant role as well, contributing to the organization of knowledge-sharing events. Their involvement highlighted the commitment to fostering an environment of learning and collaboration.

Two primary directions were set for the upcoming fall season.

Firstly, Estonian and Serbian researchers would collaborate with EdTech companies in Spain, Austria, and Germany.

Secondly, academic experts from Spain, Austria, and Germany would reciprocate by joining EdTech companies in Estonia, Hungary, and Serbia.

The May 19th event was a successful initiative that laid the foundation for innovative collaborations in educational technology.

By bringing together stakeholders from various countries and institutions, the event served as a catalyst for cross-border learning, knowledge sharing, and meaningful partnerships.

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