1st transnational Knowledge Sharing Event in Budapest, Hungary

The first round of EdTech Talents secondments was completed with the 1st transnational Knowledge Sharing Event in Budapest, Hungary

The three-day event in Budapest during the first week of December 2023 marked the first milestone of the EdTech Talents project. This gathering, one of seven international knowledge sharing events, aimed to consolidate the collective knowledge and experiences gained from individual secondments. Hosted by the Hungarian Educational Technology organisation, Education:Next, the event brought together 26 participants, including researchers, adminstrative personnel, representatives from hosting EdTech companies, and delegates from Educational Technology umbrella organisations across three countries.

The project’s core objective is to transfer academic expertise from advanced countries (Austria, Germany, and Spain) to widening countries (Estonia, Hungary, and Serbia). This transfer aims to foster the growth of EdTech companies and explore new markets. Simultaneously, researchers from widening countries learn from established academia-EdTech connections in advanced countries. The mutual learning environment created by researchers, administrators and their hosts facilitates accessible knowledge-sharing for EdTech businesses and academic support in product development.

Scheduled at the conclusion of the researchers’ and staff’s “Return phase,” the event served as a forum to share insights from the first secondment round and develop ideas to optimise outcomes from future secondments.

The three-day program commenced with knowledge exchange between seconded researchers and administrative staff, incorporating feedback from a survey. Findings will contribute to the project’s progress report. Participants shared their experiences and partners reviewed knowledge-sharing events in their home countries. The Transnational Meeting discussed methodological and project issues, including Technology Readiness Levels and financial reporting. A key project aim, the creation of shared researchers’ profiles on the EdTech Talents’ Virtual Pool platform, was discussed in detail. The day concluded with a social dinner.

The second day focused on knowledge sharing and professional development, featuring keynotes on the UNESCO EdTech Report and the role of educational technology by Ádám Horváth (Education:Next Hungary) and Professor Gábor Halász (ELTE University). A value proposition workshop followed, emphasising the co-creation of a structured model with the company’s value profile and product or service vision, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The day included collaborative exercises with Hungarian companies, enhancing practical application, guided by Oszkár Rimóczi from Responsible Business Design Studio mégis.

The final day, hosted by Education:Next, featured a one-day conference on “Synergy and Knowledge Sharing in EdTech,” attracting 100 participants. This day provided EdTech Talents members with insights into the Hungarian EdTech Industry, fostering networking opportunities. Presentations and panel discussions explored digital technologies’ support for teaching methods, education alignment with learning processes, and the role of AI, cybersecurity, IP protection, and digital business cooperation in advancing EdTech enterprises, both in general and within the project.

In conclusion, EdTech Talents aims to provide academic talents for the benefit of educational technology. The three-day program facilitated the exchange of experiences, refined secondment strategies, and enhanced understanding of project development and practical considerations. Participants improved knowledge sharing and value presentation skills, delving into current topics within the educational technology industry, encouraging cross-border and cross-sectoral research and business relations through active matchmaking and networking.